Defining the meaning behind the buzzwords

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There’s lies, damned lies and then there’s tech buzzwords. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will irrevocably change our world, but clear definitions can be elusive when people are trying to sell you something. This is why I’ve put together this guide as to what AI actually…

The science behind becoming your own personal tyrant

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Resigning from your job is like reaching the top of a rollercoaster — you know you’re going to experience a rush, but you don’t know whether it’s going to be the ride of your life or a rapid descent. …

The guide to jargon you wish you’d had when you graduated

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If anyone has been around a toddler, there’s a great sense of pride when a child learns a song. Yet, there’s also a deep sense of sympathy for their unfortunate relatives when they begin to sing it non-stop. The employees of Theranos had a similar game where they’d mention a…

Protect yourself when someone treats you like dirt.

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Recently, I went for an interview and received an inquisition. At an earlier point in my life I may have wondered if the bullies had a point, but in my maturity I’ve learnt that people who believe bullying shows strength are like people who believe nuclear waste creates superheroes. …

Can we make work work for us?

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Have you ever thought this meeting could have been an email? My first job involved spending at least 5 hours of the day in meetings. Although the average time an individual can fully concentrate in a meeting is 13 minutes, the ‘urgent’ priorities my former boss set in the rapidly…

These are the 10 that have changed my life for the better.

Evan Mach via Unsplash

When my grandfather was a young Russian boy living in hiding, his father told him one thing.

Possessions can disappear in an instant, but nobody can ever take away what’s in your mind.

His father had won two of the highest military honours for his mandatory service under the Tsar…

More tech, less hype

Executium via Unsplash

Jack Dorsey just said that the ultimate goal of Bitcoin is world peace. Now either he’s auditioning for Miss America or there’s something about Bitcoin’s underlying technology that uniquely captures people’s imagination. However, bitcoin and blockchain have a problem. They’re fundamentally misunderstood. …

If you’re selling to everyone, you’re selling to nobody

Chang Duong via Unsplash

Can you imagine a dating profile where someone lists themselves as “average” in the hope they’ll have mass market appeal? I can’t, but for many products it’s the gold standard that by designing for the average person they can serve 80%…

The trials and tribulations of man’s best friend

I’m an endangered species at my local park — I owned a dog before March 2020. Before COVID, my mutt happily walked through her domain chasing squirrels and trying to invite herself to strangers’ picnics. …

The perils of bias and vague job descriptions

Cytonn Photography via Unsplash

Job interviews are like dating, neither party quite knows the other’s expectations and often they’re projecting their own hopes onto somebody else. A lot comes down to ease of conversation and a mysterious chemistry. Like the literature surrounding romantic relationships, the advice around hiring is filled with generalities and is…

Aliza Rosenfelder

Google for Startups UK Ambassador | MBA

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