Navigating Uncertain Times: 2020–2022

Aliza Rosenfelder
2 min readMar 15

What a time to be working in events

Art by me

If there’s one industry not to be in at the beginning of a global pandemic — it’s events.

Having spent 2 years of my life bringing people together, it was strange to be in a world where we were all forced apart.

Initially I thought I’d have a relaxing 2 weeks walking the dog.

Though the dog and I did walk — a lot — 2 weeks turned out to be 2 years.

Since this soon became one of the few legal activities I was allowed to do, the pandemic left me racking my brains about how to fill the hours stuck at home.

Let me be clear, I’m incredibly grateful that I did not have vulnerable relatives or many of the terrible challenges that other people had at that point.

I can’t imagine how torturous it was for those who did.

Instead, I figured if I’m going to be stuck at home, I may as well learn something.

While others perfected their banana bread, or repainted their flat, I can now wallpaper my house with Coursera certificates.

During 2020 I also started my MBA.

As my friends and family will tell you, me mentioning my MBA is like other people telling you about being vegan. You will find out about it whether you want to or not.

Though it is easy for me to do a retrospective victory lap now, I was terrified at the time.

Let me be blunt. I’m not who you’d typically think of for an MBA. I was an arts graduate without big-name companies on my CV.

Where my classmates were excitedly sharing on social media that they’d got in, I only told people about it once I knew I’d passed the entire degree.

I’m eternally grateful to Quantic not just for giving me an opportunity learn advanced statistics, but to prove to myself that I can learn anything and that I don’t have to be hemmed in by others’ expectations.

Though by no means would I wish it on anyone, strength comes from adversity which many situations in the pandemic provided.

To conclude, I think I am a stronger person now than I was before the pandemic. However, would I want to do it again? Absolutely not.

Aliza Rosenfelder

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